Steve Aoki - Kolony Tour

Thursday evening I hit the sold-out Steve Aoki 'Kolony' Tour at the Royal Oak Music Theatre in Royal Oak, MI. When the curtain dropped the entire crowd went ballistic! People were crowd surfing and giving all their energy. I was impressed by the set design which contained the biggest screen i've ever seen, gigantic pillars filled with lights and foggers that propelled the fog multiple stories into the air. Steve Aoki's booth was a giant fanged face with "X"'s for eyes and it followed the show with incredible lighting. Aoki's set had wild visuals which sometimes featured live cameras from the show which was surreal to see. Aoki kept the show highly entertaining, he grabbed his phone and Snapchatted the audience and told them to let his followers know how hype the show is and how much fun he is having in Detroit. Another really dope thing is Aoki wore a "Detroit-vs-Everybody" which I know the audience appreciated. I managed to make it through the bass drops that rattled my insides out of my feet. If you were anywhere in the area and you were hard of hearing, you'd be able to feel this show. Thanks to Aoki's team for having me out and make sure you hit the show on one of the following dates below. 02/22/2018 Visit his official website here! Follow Steve Aoki: Facebook Twitter Instagram

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