Flatbush Zombies - See You in Hell Tour

On Tuesday the Flatbush Zombies transformed the Royal Oak Music Theatre’s stage into a graveyard complete with coffins, gravestones and a hearse that doubled as the DJ booth. The stage floor was engulfed in a red fog as the crowd chanted “Zom-bies, Zom-bies, Zombies” as Zombie Juice entered the stage from a coffin on the left, Erick emerged from the coffin on the right, and Meechy burst out of a casket brought out on stage by a hooded crew of two. When I looked at the audience I saw a huge mosh-pit and as I looked up to the balcony I saw everyone carrying the same energy as the main floor. Flatbush entered the stage with a fierce energy that remained constant throughout the entire evening. As each song ended you could easily tell this was a sold out show with the theatre echoing chants and cheers from the crowd returning the energy Flatbush had during each song performed. The stage design and lighting all came together to create an incredible show. Tickets are available for the “See You in Hell” Tour at http://www.thegloriousdead.com Show Date: May 15h, 2019